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Pawan Begins To Dub 'His Style'

Pawan Begins To Dub 'His Style'

The public is normally interested in knowing every single detail about celebrities and the things they do.

Well, we have something interesting for you. It’s about power star Pawan Kalyan who has started dubbing for Agynaatavasi. Again, when it comes to dubbing, different stars have different styles.

While some heroes complete their dubbing at a stretch in five to ten days once they start it, others tend to tend a break. Our power star has an entirely different style.

A rest area has to be organised near the dubbing area for him. After dubbing for two to three films, Pawan Kalyan takes rest and then the process starts all over again.

Therefore, the staff in the dubbing theatre arena and the film unit has to be on tenterhooks as they don’t know when Power Star will come out and start recording again.

This is power style dubbing. 



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