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Mythri - Amazon Relation Strained!

Mythri - Amazon Relation Strained!

Mythri Movie Makers is a prominent production company in Tollywood, while Amazon Prime Video is a global streaming giant.

These two entities have maintained a positive relationship over the years, with many of Mythri's films being available on Amazon.

However, strains have surfaced in their relationship due to the streaming rights of "Pushpa 2."

Netflix has secured these rights for a substantial amount, creating a rift between Amazon Prime Video and Mythri Movie Makers.

Despite ongoing negotiations between Amazon Prime Video and the makers of "Pushpa 2," which involved high-level executives traveling to Hyderabad and reaching a consensus on pricing after months of discussions, Mythri ultimately opted to sell the rights to Netflix for a significant sum.

In the business of film production, rights are often sold to the highest bidder, and Mythri followed this practice.

Nevertheless, Amazon Prime Video representatives reportedly feel offended by this deal.

They argue that their company has consistently supported Mythri by purchasing the rights to many of their films, even when some of these movies underperformed, offering competitive compensation in the process.


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