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Mahesh Babu Not Happy with Trivikram's Involvement

Mahesh Babu Not Happy with Trivikram's Involvement

Superstar Mahesh Babu demanded that director Trivikram Srinivas give their project his full attention. This is why, after only a few days of filming in September of last year, he decided to scrap the entire schedule.

He insisted on a more polished script. It wasn't until last month that production on the film picked back up again.

The first, much longer schedule is complete, and the second will not begin for some time. It has been reported, however, that Mahesh Babu is unhappy with Trivikram's involvement in Pawan Kalyan's projects.

The new film starring Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej, for which production has already begun, features dialogue and a screenplay written by Trivikram. Additionally, Trivikram will be rewarded for his efforts with a stake in the business.

The more involved Trivikram is in Pawan Kalyan's projects, the more likely Mahesh Babu is to get miffed.

However, reliable insiders claim that Trivikram is no longer involved in the filming process, as he has completed his duties by finishing up the writing section.


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