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'Loose Talk Writer' Was Sent Out From The Project

'Loose Talk Writer' Was Sent Out From The Project

BVS Ravi, the senior writer and a two film director who also wanted to be part of production of a film, missed it for some unknown reasons. He is popular in the industry for his 'loose talk'. 

Official source says that the producer who belongs to Sahiti Constructions has sent him out of the project.

The above said infra company has started this maiden project with Mogalirekulu Sagar as hero. BVS Ravi has given a story for this film and also showed interest in looking into the production activities. 

But within a very short time, Ravi was sent out from the project totally and the producer replaced the position with director Ramesh Varma.

Right now the film is being made with the story given by BVS Ravi but in the production execution of Ramesh Varma. 

Apart from this, BVS Ravi made the producer give advances to another two projects. There is no clarity on what is going to happen for those.

It is said that BVS Ravi has been planning to change his track by setting up the projects as that is more lucrative than mere writing.


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