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Keerthy's Strange Habit Turns Headache For Producers

Keerthy's Strange Habit Turns Headache For Producers

Keerthy Suresh who recently tasted a huge flop with Agnyathavasi is currently busy with Mahanati and a couple of other Tamil films.

Keerthy is currently enjoying star status in Tamil and also been busy in Telugu and Malayalam industries.

Keerthy is talented, professional and very work minded. But there is one strange habit of hers that is bothering her producers.

Keerthy who comes to sets before the scheduled time reportedly takes so long for finishing her makeup.

Keerthy arrives to sets before nine in the morning but steps out of the caravan only after 11. She is so particular about her makeup and doesn’t mind wasting others time for the sake of it. She hasn’t changed her ways in spite of complaints from directors and producers.

Keerthy spends a lot of time for makeup not just for special getups but also for a simple look, according to rumors.

Wasting so much time on makeup is resulting in increased working days and wasted call sheets too. Somehow Keerthy couldn’t change her weird habit in spite of being aware of the problems that arise because of it.



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