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Increasing Rift Between Allu Arvind And Mega Family

Increasing Rift Between Allu Arvind And Mega Family

Well, mega fans will not want to believe it and many in the industry would not want to acknowledge it, but a hot topic of discussion in Film Nagar is that the rift between Allu Arvind and mega family is increasing by the day.

To put it crisply, Chiranjeevi and his brother-in-law are no longer as close as they were in the past. Of course, they still meet up, exchange pleasantries and everything is the same on the face of it. But things have definitely changed in the mega family.

Allu Arvind is no longer the family head that all of mega family would look up to. In the past, whatever Allu Arvind said was the final word in the family. All of them invariably took his advice and even followed it. But now, it is said that it is no longer the case.

And of the primary reasons for that is said to be Pawan Kalyan taking over from Allu Arvind.

Now, whatever Pawan Kalyan says is the final command, his planning, his decision are said to be crucial for the entire family, it is said. Apart from the other heroes, it is said that megastar Chiranjeevi himself takes every decision based on what Pawan Kalyan has to say it is said.

A few days back, it was said that Chiru and Pawan Kalyan wouldn’t see eye to eye on any issue. Now, the situation is totally different and it is one happy family say industry insiders.

Apparently, Pawan is advising his nephews Ram Charan, Sai Dharam Teja and Varun Teja about their career moves. And it is based on this affection that Pawan Kalyan decided to produce a film with Ram Charan.

Of course, it is good to hear that the mega family is now one big family. But one cannot forget the role played by Allu Arvind in getting Chiranjeevi the megastar status.

The planning and strategy of Allu Arvind is what made Chiranjeevi what he is today and it is an open secret in the industry. In fact, Allu Arvind made Magadheera which was a turning point in the career of Ram Charan.

So given this backdrop wonder what led to the rift between Chiranjeevi and his brother-in-law Allu Arvind.