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Hero's Remuneration: Rs 28 Cr To Rs 42 Cr

Hero's Remuneration: Rs 28 Cr To Rs 42 Cr

A film was planned by a production house starring Ravi Teja and directed by Gopichand Malineni. It was reported that Ravi Teja asked for a remuneration of Rs 28 Cr, and the total production cost is shooting up to Rs 115 Cr.

The production house considered it risky to recover those costs in the regional market. So, they contemplated doing the same project with the same director in Hindi, featuring Sunny Deol, who recently scored a hit with 'Gadar-2'.

However, Sunny Deol asked for a remuneration of Rs 42 Cr, which is Rs 14 Cr more than that of Ravi Teja. The production cost remains almost the same.

As the difference is only Rs 14 Cr, the makers are considering it a wise decision to make the film in Hindi, given the larger market, which helps in recovering the costs. Moreover, the director is also excited to venture into Bollywood and test his luck on the national canvas.

So, the bottom line is that there are higher remunerations than the hero market. In Bollywood, there is a good market for heroes, and remunerations are reasonable.


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