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Dil Raju's Cruel Attempt To Kill 'Hanu-Man'?

Dil Raju's Cruel Attempt To Kill 'Hanu-Man'?

It is known that Prashanth Varma's 'Hanu-Man,' scheduled for release this Sankranthi, is competing with 'Guntur Kaaram,' 'Saindhav,' 'Eagle,' and 'Na Saami Ranga.' 

Although Hanu-Man announced its release date as January 12, 2024, almost three months ago, the other films have also lined up for the same time later.

Producers' Guild President Dil Raju has been pressuring Hanu-Man to step away from the race. However, he hasn't persuaded any of the other mentioned movies to move away, as he has either share of business in those films or has frendship with their filmmakers.

Despite this, the makers of Hanu-Man held onto hope by placing the film in the hands of Mythri Movie Makers, a renowned banner known for big releases.

Unfortunately, even this banner has turned its back on Hanu-Man, giving more importance to their relationship with Mahesh Babu (whose 'Guntur Kaaram' is releasing on the same day as Hanu-Man) than to their business. 

In Hyderabad, only four theaters have been allocated for Hanu-Man, much to everyone's shock. The most significant shock is that no theater was assigned in Vizag for this film, stating that all screens are occupied by the release of 'Guntur Kaaram,' which is distributed by Dil Raju.

The makers of Hanu-Man wanted to release the film during Sankranthi, believing it is the right time due to the holiday season.

Additionally, Ayodhya Ramalayam is inaugurating in the same month, which could boost the film's momentum in North India, as it is a pan-India film releasing in multiple languages. 

However, the head of the Producer's Guild killed the film by not allocating theaters for its Telugu version.

Recently, Dil Raju audaciously stated that big films would receive big justice, while small films would get minimal justice. Unfortunately, this seems to be the kind of justice he is delivering.

To make matters worse, Mythri Movie Makers is also part of the Producer's Guild, likely to comply with what Dil Raju suggests.

With this level of greed and chaos, Dil Raju and the Guild approach governments seeking benefits for the industry. For them, the industry means only their own pockets, not the success of small films.

Many in the industry argue that the demise of Dasari Narayana Rao marked the end of support for small films. Those who have taken on the roles of 'industry biggies' now are perceived as cruel, greedy, and selfish by the small film makers.

The movie is set to reelase in ten days. When questioned about it, Sashi, the distributor for Hanu-Man, responded, "We're unable to provide any updates at this moment. We're putting in our utmost effort, but things remain uncertain. We won't have any concrete information until the final moments, as there are multiple factors at play here." 

Shashi added, "I'm hopeful that everyone cooperated with each other. Only then it is called industry."


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