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Dil Raju to Recheck Ram's New Film?

Dil Raju to Recheck Ram's New Film?

With two back-to-back duds, Dil Raju’s image has had a dent. He was overconfident about his movies but his films were out right rejected by the audiences.

Flops are part and parcel of the game, but the colossal failure of “Srinivasa Kalyanam” has put pressure on Dil Raju and his team.

He will now be chalking out strategies on his own. According to sources, he will double check his next film that stars Ram in the lead role.

Titled “Hello Guru Prema Kosame”, the film is scheduled for October 18th release as Dassera special.

Incidentally, the producer now feels that there is no one in his team who can gauge the pulse of the audience like himself.

If “Hello Guru Prema Kosame” also flops, his image as top producer will go down further. The film’s director Trinadha Rao and his writer Bejawada Prasanna Kumar are known for dishing out routine and regular stories.

Their two previous hits “Cinema Choopista Mama” and “Nenu Local” didn’t receive good ratings from critics. Dil Raju is now worried about “Hello Guru” more than anything else.

If he is not satisfied with the output, there are chances that the film might be postponed. He wants to apply Allu Aravind’s policy of reshooting, rechecking before it hits the screens.

Even the lead pair Ram and Anupama need a hit as their earlier films were flops.



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