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Dil Raju Bearing Pawan's Private Jet Expenses!

Dil Raju Bearing Pawan's Private Jet Expenses!

Power star Pawan Kalyan is right now busy shooting for his films – one being produced by Dil Raju and Boney Kapoor combine and another being made by Krish Jagarlamudi.

Both the films are said to be going on at a brisk pace. Dil Raju even announced that Pawan’s film will be ready to hit the silver screens by May 15. So one can understand with what speed the film shooting has been going on.

At the same time, Pawan Kalyan is also a politician running a political party Jana Sena.

He cannot take a break from politics continuously as it might give an impression to the people that he is non-serious about politics and once he is out of sight, he will be out of mind of the people.

So, at least once or twice in a week, he has to remove his make-up and make an appearance in the people of Andhra Pradesh so that they will acknowledge his commitment to politics.

Occasionally, he is coming to Vijayawada and also his Mangalagiri office where he is meeting party workers.

He also announced that he would tour villages of Amaravati after February 10, so as to take part in their agitation to demand that the capital remained at Amaravati.

So far so good. But how is Pawan able to shuttle between Hyderabad and Amaravati so frequently at short notices?

According to sources, Pawan has engaged a private chartered flight to fly whenever he wants to go to Vijayawada.

But engaging a private flight is not so easy. It would cost him Rs 5-6 lakh per hour. So, for an up and down travel from Hyderabad to Vijayawada, it would cost him not less than Rs 10 lakh.

Sources said his private flight expenses are being borne by his producers. It is learnt Dil Raju is bearing the expenses of chartered flight expenses at present, as it would work out cheaper for him.

Reason: if Pawan skips shooting schedule for one day, Dil Raju would incur a loss of over Rs 25-30 lakh per day for rescheduling the shooting.

So, bearing the flight expenses is a better option for Dil Raju. In any case, it is only once or twice a week, it might not be a bigger amount for the producers taking into consideration the overall production cost.

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