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Devi Vara Prasad Depressed By Chiranjeevi

Devi Vara Prasad Depressed By Chiranjeevi
It is known that Devi Vara Prasad, the popular producer had breathed his last suffering from liver related disease and diabetes at KIMS Hospitals. But now Film Nagar circles started discussing about the depression that hit Devi Vara Prasad after Mrugaraju.
Here is the essence of discussion.
Devi Vara Prasad's father Tirupatayya was a close friend of NTR who was a distributor. He was also a partner for three movies of NTR as well. With that rapport Devi Vara Prasad could become producer and made films like Kathanayakuni Katha, Kedi Number 1, Tiruguleni Manishi and Naa Desam with NTR. After NTR stepped into politics Devi Vara Prasad started making movies with Chiranjeevi.
Chattamtho Poraatam turned above average while Kondaveeti Donga and Manchi Donga proved big hits. Gharana Mogudu turned block buster and one has to mention this film in top 5 super duper hits of Chiranjeevi. Later the movie 'Alluda Majaka' also made good collections and proved victorious. But subsequently Devi Vara Prasad's film with Guna Sekhar as director with the title 'Mrugaraju' became an utter flop. Almost all the savings of Devi Vara Prasad were washed away with this film. In those days, it was said that just for making African Lion act in the movie it priced more than a Crore!
After that Devi Vara Prasad made many attempts to make film with Chiranjeevi. He was with the confidence that Chiranjeevi can give him dates if approached with right kind of story. But, grapevine says that Chiru avoided Devi Vara Prasad knowing his financial status.
Devi Vara Prasad believed in Chiru a lot and never approached any other big hero (like S Gopala Reddy believed only in Balakrishna). He thought that since he lost everything with Mrugaraju, Chiranjeevi may shower kindness on him. He also used to quote the example of NTR stating, "For making a marginal loss with Tiruguleni Manishi, NTR gave me dates to make another film. But Chiranjeevi is not considering me after Mrugaraju".
Now, the grapevine says that Devi Vara Prasad was financially collapsed after Mrugaraju and got depressed.

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