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Buzz: Young Director's Shocking Remuneration

Buzz: Young Director's Shocking Remuneration

Talented Tamil director Lokesh Kanakaraj has reportedly earned a whopping Rs 50 crore for his latest blockbuster film 'Leo,' starring Tamil superstar Vijay and Trisha in the lead roles.

Sources reveal that Lokesh's impressive track record with hits like "Master" and "Vikram" has made him a hot commodity in the industry.

His name alone guarantees success at the box office, prompting the producers to shell out such a significant amount.

Despite receiving mixed reviews, 'Leo' has set the box office ablaze, raking in an impressive Rs 120 crore on its first day in Tamil Nadu and overseas markets.

Lokesh is known for his unique storytelling, incorporating heroic acts and intense action sequences, often revolving around the underbelly of society, including drug dealers and peddlers.

This formula has proven to be a lucrative one, consistently bringing in substantial revenues for his films.

As Lokesh's popularity continues to soar, so do the figures on his paychecks, solidifying his status as a sought-after director in the film industry.


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