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Buzz: Two Heroes Revolving Around Trivikram

Buzz: Two Heroes Revolving Around Trivikram

There are two heroes. One hero has given a bumper hit and got out of his flop image. Another hero has been continuously tasting flops and eagerly awaiting a hit. 

Now these two heroes are revolving around Trivikram. There is no idea when the NTR-Trivikram film will be started. NTR also has to give signal keeping his RRR commitment in mind. Until then there will be no clarity on when that will hit the floors. 

Meanwhile the above two heroes are forcing Trivikram to complete a film. But these two heroes are missing a  logic here.

If Trivikram decides to make a film in the given time, he may opt for Mahesh Babu but why run behind these heroes who don't have at least 50% of Mahesh's market? 

So, for time being Trivikram is making time pass with these heroes by entertaining them for some time and giving a warm send off.

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