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Buzz: Ravi Teja Grabbed Kalyan Ram's Hit

Buzz: Ravi Teja Grabbed Kalyan Ram's Hit

The movie "Krack" stood up as a hit. Ravi Teja scored a blockbuster. Director Gopichand Malineni's brand value has increased. But there is a backstory in this. 

Initially when Tagore Madhu thought to make a film with Gopichand Malineni, they searched for a story for quite a long time. Finally, Gopichand decided to remake Sethupathi in his style. 

At that time, Ravi Teja was decided to be the hero. But Ravi Teja rejected the project. Then it went to Kalyan Ram.

Hari, the close relative of Kalyan Ram fine tuned the project with his ideas. Then the story came on to the track. They adopted the mango, currency note and nail elements from some Malayalam film. Finally, the script came out really well. 

The news reached Ravi Teja and so he came to the scene and said that he is ready to do the project. As the first choice of the makers was Ravi Teja, they said a 'sorry' to Kalyan Ram and moved on with Ravi Teja. Thus, Ravi Teja grabbed a hit from Kalyan Ram's plate.


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