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Buzz: Middle Aged Anchor Between Ego And Greed

Buzz: Middle Aged Anchor Between Ego And Greed

A popular Youtube channel in Telugu is more known for its celebrity interviews from all walks of life apart from holding copyrights of various old movies.

A middle aged male anchor became famous by interviewing some politicians for the last few years working in this channel.

As per the sources, he developed a tiff with the owner of this channel who gave him a career. The reason for the differences is nothing but ego as per the sources.

The anchor felt that the channel has grown in popularity only because of his contribution. His insulting and ill treating way of behavior with the employer resulted in his ousting, says a source.

On the other hand, there is another rumor that the employer brought in a  new CEO which didn't go well with this anchor and some other seniors in the office, which again is an ego clash.

And also the complaint is that the company owner supported the new CEO more than these old timers, even though the new CEO brought her own team to the company and tried to create a rift between the old and new teams.

Along with this male anchor, another lady anchor who became popular with her interviews on the same channel also moved out along with him to join another youtube channel which is not popular but well paid.

Within one month, the latest news is that this channel also bid an adieu for these two anchors. When probed into the reason it is said that the male anchor has been earning from the guests whom he interviews apart from taking the huge payback from the employer.

Besides, he also reportedly demanded for a guest house and a four wheeler in Hyderabad. This irked the employer and ousted him out. The female anchor also was asked to move out as the results are not yielding in tune with her remuneration.

Then these two approached another channel through a middle man stating that they are ready to join if given Rs 3 lakh and Rs 2 lakh paypack per month respectively. As the channel denied, one of them (male anchor) moved to another youtube channel which is growing good in recent times.

With all this, the media circles are laughing at this male anchor who is overestimating about himself for a small popularity that he procured.

He started his career as a normal reporter in a news daily and became notable only after joining the youtube channel with the encouragement of his employer.

Sources say that the male anchor firmly believes that he is in hot demand as the election season is around and so can mint the best of his life.


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