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Buzz: Mahesh Babu's Image Took a Beating

Buzz: Mahesh Babu's Image Took a Beating

It is typical for celebrities to post something in support of their friends when their films are released.

Most of the time, top heroes send their well wishes to the makers or cast members and may also add messages of appreciation if the film is particularly good after its release. However, top celebrities usually do not post reviews of unreleased films.

But Mahesh Babu did so for "Mem Famous," a low-budget film featuring newcomers.

The film was produced by Chai Bisket, a production company, and the same team manages Mahesh Babu's social media handles. Consequently, he posted a note saying that he had seen the film and thought it was brilliant.

The following day, the reviews for the film were overwhelmingly negative, and the word-of-mouth was also discouraging.

Since then, Mahesh Babu's supporters have been urging him not to engage in such promotions, fearing that it could permanently damage his reputation.

This incident demonstrated that Mahesh Babu's tweets are not infallible. Nonetheless, the film benefited greatly from his endorsement. On the first day, the film grossed over Rs 1 crore (gross), which is a significant amount for such a film.

There is speculation that the sudden attention and buzz surrounding "SSMB28 Title Glimpse" is a strategy to distract from this controversy.

By shifting the focus to "SSMB28 Title Glimpse," Mahesh Babu has managed to keep his fans engaged and divert attention from the "Mem Famous" fiasco.


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