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Buzz: Hero's Strategy In Trapping The Heroines

Buzz: Hero's Strategy In Trapping The Heroines

There is a hero. He is known for his producer-friendly image and normal looking personality. But his inner shades are too many. It is gossiped that he has a style of making heroines pull on to his bed.

A few days ago there was a rumor about a bilingual film. As the film started, a grapevine was in circulation that the heroine was going to be replaced. Within a couple of days there were rumors that the hero didn't like her.

But that was all a creation by the hero. Nothing of that sort happened. But the heroine felt insecure and approached the hero for clarity. This is the moment the hero awaits. 

The hero, as a good boy, said that he will take everything and extended moral support to her. It is an attempt to make her comfortable and secure in his presence for his next 'moves'.

Industry gossip is that this hero is known for this kind of traps with almost every heroine he worked with. Nothing can be hidden for a longer time. The time exposes anyone when it decides.

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