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Buzz: Heroine's Manager Secret Deals Busted

Buzz: Heroine's Manager Secret Deals Busted

Managers of movie stars play a pivotal role in the entertainment business. Nobody in the film industry could get anything done without them. However, there are always managers out there who abuse their authority. There have been numerous cases of managers abusing their positions for financial gain.

It has now come to light that a manager attempted to steal millions of rupees from a producer without the heroine's knowledge. The whole film industry is talking about it now.

A major film starring a young hero and a famous heroine is due for release. Her remuneration was set at Rs 3.5 crore. However, she agreed to take a pay cut because of the film's production delays caused by her illness. Instead of Rs 3.5 crore, she agreed Rs 1.5 crore as her remuneration for this film and discussed the same with her manager. But  the heroine's manager, however, told her to settle for Rs 2.5 Cr as 1.5 Cr is too little. 

Everything looked good up to this point.

When the film's release date drew near, however, the manager demanded the remaining Rs 1 crore from the production house and asked the producers to pay in cash. They didn’t have such a large sum in cash. So, the manager provided the production house with a bank account belonging to another producer close to him. The accounts employee who works in the production house alerted the producers that something is fishy.

It was then the producers called the heroine and asked how she wants to take Rs 1 crore, the balance payment. But she told them that she already decided not to take the remaining amount as the production house suffered due to her health issues.

Thus, they realised that the manager thought of siphoning off the money to his personal account without the knowledge of the heroine.

Will the producers not work with this manager? Not possible. Because he manages many other actors as well. But the producers are thankful to the employee who alerted them. This is how some managers misuse their clout.


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