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Buzz: Hero Struggling Financially Due To Debts

Buzz: Hero Struggling Financially Due To Debts

Generally film stars will be rich and free from all sorts of financial tensions. But producers are different from them. They take loans from the financiers and struggle to pay interests in odd times. 

Only those who get into production will understand the pain of the producers. A popular south indian hero, who has been enjoying a smooth career has stepped into production.

Eventually he ended up with deep soup of debts up to a tune of Rs 50 Cr. In fact, a few are saying that could be more than that and land anywhere between Rs 70 to Rs 80 Cr.

He is facing a lot of trouble to pay interests and sometimes taking new loans at higher interest rates to close the older ones. But still, the situation is worse. 

On the other hand, when he decided to act in more films to earn money and clear the debts, the other producers were not so keen on making films with him.

On a whole, the hero is struggling financially now.

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