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Buzz: Hero Puts Full Stop To Director's 'Athi Thelivi'

Buzz: Hero Puts Full Stop To Director's 'Athi Thelivi'

A big director has a plan to make a film with a big hero. But the story is yet to be prepared. The film has to go on to the sets. It's a long process. 

Meanwhile the hero is being pampered in a big way. Recently the director called the hero when he was in an outdoor shooting.

The director told the hero that he would like to spend time with him if he is free. To that , the hero firmly replied that he is not interested in spending time just like that without a proper agenda. 

Then immediately, fixing an agenda, the director replied that his plan is to come with the music director to discuss some tunes.

The hero cut the phone saying, "Let the story get finalized first".

Finally, the director's plans to pamper the hero by spending time with him personally turned vain.

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