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Buzz: Heated Argument Between Boyapati and Danayya!

Buzz: Heated Argument Between Boyapati and Danayya!

Ram Charan who was terribly disappointed with Vinaya Vidheya Rama result thought of issuing public apology within the first week of release itself. However, he was advised to wait for a few days as the film is still in theaters.

Charan released the letter few days ago in which he apologized to fans and others who were disappointed with the film.

Later, Charan came up with the idea of compensating his buyers who lost nearly Rs. 30 crore on the film.

He and Danayya discussed on it and decided to compensate fifty percent of the loss. So they thought of giving back Rs. 5 crore each (producer, hero and the director) from their earnings on the film.

Director Boyapati Srinu who also got a hefty paycheck was asked to return Rs. 5 crore, but he refused to do so.

Boyapati Srinu reportedly didn't agree to give back Rs. 5 crore and agreed to return 1 or 2 crore if needed. Things didn't work out even after discussing with the respectable elders of Tollywood.

During the discussions both Boyapati and Danayya lost their cool and had a war of words. Things would have turned uglier if the elders hadn't stopped them.


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