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Buzz: Director Upset With Producer's Commission Deal

Buzz: Director Upset With Producer's Commission Deal

Generally people believe in close friends while dealing with financial matters out of trust.

As many fear that there would be a huge percentage game when dealt through brokers, they prefer going through friends and close relatives. But sometimes it will be proved that greed has no relation.

Something of that sort happened in Tollywood.

A director bought a piece of land far from the city of Hyderabad long ago. Now he decided to sell it as the rates are increased. So he sought the help of a producer friend to sell it. Interestingly it was the same producer who made him invest on that land way back.

But finally the producer sold out the land to someone and later it was revealed that he had taken a huge commission out of it. The commission is many times more than that of normal brokerage. The director is now upset for this spoiled fiduciary relation.

Well, the director's blessings are needed for this producer to work together on future projects.

Many are quipping that the producer's greed may put a permanent full stop to the relation between him and this ace director.

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