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Buzz: Charan Won't Spend 'A Single Naya Paisa' On Acharya!

Buzz: Charan Won't Spend 'A Single Naya Paisa' On Acharya!

Star Heroes are now slowly eating into the profits of producers besides taking home fat pay checks.

Allu Arjun was paid a hefty pay check for Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo and his father Allu Aravind also got a share in the profits on the actor’s insistence.

Tarak is going to do the same for #NTR30 for which his step-brother Kalyan Ram is a share holder.

Ram Charan also is doing the same for Acharya. His name has been included as the producer, but he won’t be sending a single naya paisa on the film’s production.

Niranjan Reddy will be spending the money and Charan will be taking fifty percent share in the profits. Chiranjeevi and Charan also will be paid huge for their part besides a share in the profits earned.

Charan has lost so much on Sye Raa that he is desperate to recover the money through Acharya.

He doesn’t want to be answerable to the losses incurred for Sye Raa, which is why Niranjan Reddy is taking care of the finances and business deals.

The film would anyway make profits given the hype and craze surrounding it. So, the father-son duo would be smiling all the way to the banks.

Poor producer would have to adjust with a share in profits and also bear the risk of dealing with the buyers in case the film fails!