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Buzz: Big Fat Demands Of New Heroine

Buzz: Big Fat Demands Of New Heroine

We have a heroine who worked in just in one small film. But that didn't release in theatres at all and landed as direct OTT release.

She didn't become popular all of a sudden like Uppena heroine. But still she is demanding something big much to the shock of many.

When a producer approached her it seems that she demanded huge remuneration along with other conditions. 

She was paid Rs 5 lakh for the first film. Now for the second film, she is demanding Rs 17 lakh. Producers are okay for this as well as there is huge demand for heroines. 

But the other demands are very big.

The first demand is that she hires the makeup man and hair dresser from Mumbai and the producer has to pay them.

The second demand is that her manager or the one who comes as her company should be given a five star accommodation with unconditional room service.

The third demand is that the heroine's other staff members should be given a three star accommodation and food.

The fourth demand is that she will not eat the production food and so the special food should be ordered from outside.

The fifth demand is that she needs a single door caravan but not the sharing one.

The sixth demand is that she needs a luxury car at her back and call.

The seventh demand is a strict 'no' to kiss and bikini scenes.

Looking at these many demands, the producers are now thinking whether to take her or not.

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