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Buzz: Balayya Intimidated The Costume Worker?

Buzz: Balayya Intimidated The Costume Worker?

The pressure to release Veera Simha Reddy along with Waltair Veerayya for Sankranthi is mounting up on the head of Balakrishna as well.

In the recent Turkey shoot, Balayya vented out his anger on the director Gopichand Malineni on some operational matters but later, everything  got subsided.

The latest news is that Balayya has shown his anger and intimidated a costume worker in the shooting location.

The producers are not seen in the location and this has irritated Balakrishna to the core.

He extended his anger to the costume worker in aggression. Sources say that he has also shown his anger on the producer who came to the sets later.

Inside sources say that the costume worker was really upset with Balakrishna's anger and so he didn't even come to the shooting spot today. 

It is very difficult to face Balayya's mood swings. Everyone around him silently bears his anger or manhandling. There is none to retaliate so far.

Probably that's the power of his planetary positions and rings to his fingers which he believes in.

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