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Buzz: Actress Threatens Producer!

Buzz: Actress Threatens Producer!

An interesting incident happened in Tollywood recently when a young producer had a tiff with a hot heroine related to money matters.

This producer who planned to make a movie in the combination of a young actor and an actress who regularly features in most movies despite no craze or big success. She features as second heroine in one of the upcoming releases.

The actress with fair complexion was roped in by this producer to cast her opposite a young actor who has released two movies this year.

The producer gave her good money as advance but the project was later called off for various reasons and it has recently been announced with another young star.

So, the producer approached her to give him the advance back but she refused to give him total money. 

Then the producer has recently filed a complaint against her in Council. But she replied him in cool manner that she does have all the WhatsApp chats he had with her and she threatened to expose him.

Since she belongs to his community, he quickly made friendship with her and chatted in a manner that would put him in embarrassment if they are revealed.

Now, he is okay to take whatever she gives him back. The actress knows how to handle men!



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