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Budget Tensions Of A Mid Range Hero's 'Big' Film

Budget Tensions Of A Mid Range Hero's 'Big' Film

This is a mid-range movie considering the hero, but the budget is escalating to the level of a big-budget film.

Looking at the hero's recent track record, he has had half a dozen flops. Moreover, it's unlikely to achieve the status of a big film like those featuring top-tier heroes.

When production began, many people were skeptical, believing it wouldn't work out even with a budget of Rs 60 to 70 crores.

Marketing efforts didn't bear any results for his previous films, and even theater revenue was never sufficient.

However, a director known for producing mass and action entertainers assured that the film could be made within an Rs 80 crore budget, and the producer proceeded, trusting this combination.

But now, it seems that the budget has ballooned to Rs 90 crores. Additionally, there are publicity costs and interest payments until the film's release date. It's uncertain how these expenses will be recovered.

Even with optimistic marketing projections, it's impossible to expect a revenue of Rs 30 crores from theaters alone. There are also doubts about whether the film will generate Rs 60 crores from non-theatrical deals.

The remaining hope lies in the movie becoming a blockbuster and generating overflow revenue to cover the costs.

Let's hope for this outcome, as many producers who have previously made films with this hero without considering the risks have already incurred losses.

Let us wish this gamble by the producer brings him luck.


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