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Boyapati Stepped Back With CBN's Arrest

Boyapati Stepped Back With CBN's Arrest

Director Boyapati is known for his strong-willed nature, often refusing to compromise on matters such as the storyline, scenes, and release dates. 

Behind the scenes of the movie "Skanda," there seems to be quite a bit of activity concerning its political dialogues.

While the film contains scattered political dialogues, it appears that these make up only a minuscule fraction of the original script. The majority of the dialogues are chopped off as per sources. 

Interestingly, the film's producer, Chitturi Srinu, and his partner Pawan, do not have significant political affiliations and are not aligned with any particular political party.

On the other hand, Boyapati is known for his strong affiliation with the TDP. This affiliation led to speculations that some politically charged dialogues were inserted into the film during the election season.

However, the political landscape in Andhra Pradesh underwent rapid changes with the arrest of Chandrababu Naidu, leading to an uncertain and unpredictable situation.

Amidst these developments, doubts began to emerge about releasing the film with political dialogues during such a sensitive period.

Reportedly, the producers became aware of these concerns and managed to persuade Boyapati to make adjustments by changing certain dialogues and undertaking re-dubbing.

Despite these efforts, even though the film does not revolve around any major anti-YCP themes, supporters of the TDP began to circulate propaganda, labeling the film as anti-Jagan. They initiated a campaign to protest against a specific dialogue known as "Boomboom."

Such publicity, whether negative or positive, may not help for the film's success. It is good that the producers exercised caution at right time.

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