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Beware of Theda Singh: Even Amitabh maintains a distance

Beware of Theda Singh: Even Amitabh maintains a distance

Balakrishna may think he is a king of some sort by going around slapping people who are his fans. But it is this same immaturity which has seen the likes of Chandrababu, manipulate him with consummate ease. 

What kind of intelligence would a man like Balakrishna have who goes around trying to prove his machismo by insulting people in this fashion? 

The sad (or amusing?) part is that what he thinks to be heroism is actually being thoroughly ridiculed by the national media. 

A senior lady journalist responding to Balakrishna’s vulgar comments on women said that he deserved a tight slap for his lewd remarks. Indeed! 

And national media has criticized vehemently his display of arrogance. It is for these reasons that Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan is believed to have refused Balakrishna’s film. 

With Amitabh refusing Balayya’s film, but agreeing to do Chiranjeevi’s film (Of course, Chiru would never behave even in his wildest dreams like Balayya does), Balayya is said to have got angry with Ram Gopal Varma who initiated the meeting with Amitabh and refused to give Ramu, the biopic on NTR. 

He also made fun of Amitabh and Chiru saying they had achieved nothing in politics. A pissed off RGV then decided to go ahead with Lakshmi’s NTR. 

Till now, RGV has taken potshots at the mega family because they are a dignified lot and do not retaliate except the odd, occasional outburst. But RGV has never taken on Balayya. Why?

Well, the whole industry knows about the Bellamkonda Suresh episode and had it not been for YS Jagan’s admiration for Balayya, things would have been different in that episode. 

But now, with Lakshmi’s NTR, RGV has thrown an open challenge to the Nandamuri clan. Who will emerge winner? The Kshatriya or the Kamma community?

All said and done, at the end of the day, Balakrishna would do well to remember that his irrational and unacceptable behaviour might give him temporary satisfaction, but the law of natural justice will certainly catch up with him. 

As for the TDP cadre, they are cursing their fate at having to bow down before this ‘Theda Singh’.



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