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Balakrishna to Charge Old Remuneration?

Balakrishna to Charge Old Remuneration?

That director Boyapati Srinu is rewriting the script of his recently launched film with Nandamuri Balakrishna has been reported by GreatAndhra.

The script is being changed due to financial constraints. However, the biggest challenge for him is to make Balakrishna agree to cut down the remuneration.

Balakrishna had charged Rs 5 crore for his movies till 2019. He had suddenly increased the remuneration to Rs 10 crore for “Ruler” and Boyapati’s movie. “Ruler” bombed. 

To make this project viable, Boypati has slashed his remuneration. Now, he is asking Balayya to charge the same amount he used to take earlier. Balakrishna has not given his agreement yet but is in favor of cutting some amount not wholly. 

Balakrishna needs to slash down the remuneration drastically and Boyapati should convince the producer Miriyala Ravinder Reddy that budget would be under control.

At one time, Boyapati planned the film with Rs 70 crore as its budget but now he’s contemplating to make it under Rs 40 crore. 



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