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Anchor Feels Anxious After Bhangimas with Director

Anchor Feels Anxious After Bhangimas with Director

Film celebrities feel anxious when they give interviews to certain media platforms fearing tough questions to face or controversial issues to talk about.

Perhaps for the first time, an anchor who interviewed a celebrity is getting tensed. 

We hear that a pretty young lady, who recently shot to fame with a show, interviewed a popular movie director for a YouTube channel.

The young anchor and the director reportedly posed together at different angles.

Some of these poses are pure adult stuff. This is part of a plan to make the video interview viral. 

Much worse is that the director answered in a vulgar way or in a double-meaning manner.

Interestingly, the questions were reportedly prepared by the director himself and handed over to the anchor.

The anchor worries about the reaction of her ‘close friend’ after the release of this adult video interview, as it may jeopardize her relationship with him. This is her main concern.

She has been on the tenterhooks since she watched the final edit of the video interview.

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