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Profit and Loss Statement of Nani's Jersey

Profit and Loss Statement of Nani's Jersey

Jersey is one of the most acclaimed Telugu film of recent times. The sports drama based on father and son bonding has struck a chord with the critics and audience alike.

Despite it being a slow paced drama high on emotions, Jersey has done well at the box office too. The film is either breakeven or a profitable venture for all of its buyers except Ceded distributor.

Ceded being the mass-dominated territory, Jersey struggled to reach the breakeven mark as it got stiff competition from pucca mass entertainer Kanchana 3 that also released on the same day as it.

Ceded distributor has lost around Rs. 65 lacs and the Nizam distributor is the biggest benefiter. In Nizam, Jersey made around Rs. 3.75 crore profits.

Jersey is a hit in overseas in spite of facing the heat from Avengers: Endgame. It grossed $1.3 Million in US. Below is the profit and loss statement of Jersey in Telugu states.

Nizam : 10.75 Cr Share (Distribution Rights: 7 Cr) - Profit: 3.75 Cr
Ceded : 2.94 Cr  (3.6 Cr) - Loss: 0.66 Cr
Vizag : 3.57 Cr (2.5 Cr) - Profit: 1.07 Cr
East : 2.04 Cr (1.50 Cr) - Profit: 0.54 Cr
West : 1.35 Cr (1.12 Cr) - Profit: 0.23 Cr
Guntur : 1.92 Cr (1.6 Cr) - Profit: 0.32 Cr
Krishna 2.02 Cr (1.5 Cr) - Profit: 0.52 Cr
Nellore  0.76 Cr (0.74 Cr) - Profit: 0.02 Cr

Total Share: 25.35 Cr (19.56 Cr) - Profit: 5.79 Cr

*Distribution costs include all other expenses


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