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Good WOM, Need Better Collections!

Good WOM, Need Better Collections!

The fairly average to good rating from critics and good word-of-mouth (WOM) has generated a positive buzz around Avasarala Srinivas's "Jyo Achyuthananda". But the film has failed to take the box-office by storm. So now the team has to push the movie harder to make the good WOM into collections.

Although the movie has seen a sharp jump in the collections from day one to day 2, the publicity is lacking. Recently, "Manamantha" also failed on that front despite rave reviews. Now the team has to work hard to reach it to the general public.

According to trade pundits, the film has potential to perform better in Hyderabad and A Centers given its class comedy. "Jyo Achyuthananda" features Nara Rohith, Naga Shourya and Regina in the lead roles.

The movie is about two brothers falling for the same girl and facing its consequences. A bitter sweet romance!



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