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Box Office Status 2024: Collections and Verdicts

Box Office Status 2024: Collections and Verdicts

Many films have been released on the Telugu screen in the first two months of 2024, as is the case every year. 

Among these, there were some films that were expected to perform well but ended up as disasters, while others emerged as unexpected hits. 

"Hanu Man" stood up as the most successful pan-Indian film of the year so far making a gross collection of Rs293 Cr and other unexpected big hit in Telugu is "Oori Peru Bhairavakona" which made an interesting gross collection of Rs 17 Cr. 

The list of notable films that captured the audience's attention with either of these outcomes is as follows. The gross collection at the box office for all the films is also mentioned here.

Guntur Kaaram - 180 Cr Gross - Average
Hanu-Man - 293 cr - Super Hit
Saindhav - 18 cr - Disaster
Naa Saami Ranga - 37 Cr - Average
Ambajipet Marrage Band - 11 Cr - Average
Yatra 2 - 8 Cr - Disaster
Eagle - 31 Cr - Disaster
Rajadhani Files - 90 Lakhs - Disaster
Ooru Peru Bhairavakona - 17 Cr - Average


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