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Box Office: It's A Failure, As per Early Reports!

Box Office: It's A Failure, As per Early Reports!

Initial reviews of superstar Salman Khan’s Friday release Tubelight aren’t encouraging at all.

Even the critics that rate a movie according to the box office prospects also are giving it the thumbs down.

Salman Khan’s films usually get bad reviews, but Tubelight is not such film as it is content driven emotional movie unlike Bhai’s regular potboilers.

Dull and uninteresting promos didn’t raise the expectations on the film and it looks like the film also turned out to be as pale as its trailers.

Salman Khan suffered a couple of failures after hitting the purple patch in his career with Wanted, but none of his recent Eid releases tanked at the box office.

Salman’s stardom and the masala content ensured box office success for all of his Eid releases in the last decade.

Tubelight however doesn’t have masala elements to fall back on. It is a content driven film like Bajarangi Bhaijaan and it needs good word of mouth to conquer the box office.

Let’s wait for the word of mouth of ticket paying public to see whether the flickering Tubelight lights on or goes off.

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