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2.0 in USA: Huge Jump in Collections

2.0 in USA: Huge Jump in Collections

'2.0' is now rocking at box-office. The day one collections were disappointing but it has now seen turnaround of fortunes.

Audiences are queuing up to theaters in USA. On Friday, the film has already crossed $600k (final count yet to be reported).

$600k+ on Friday means the film is heading towards huge weekend haul. Good word-of-mouth has changed the fortunes. Trade pundits are expecting that the film would rake in $1 million on Saturday.

The film’s premiere collections were low due to the messed up release but now all has been sorted out. If the same momentum continues, “2.0” will rake in stunning amount in USA.

“2.0” starred Rajinikanth as professor Vaseegaran and Chitti the Robo. Akshay Kumar played the role of Pakshi Raja, the antagonist.

The film’s 3D effects are stunning, declared the critics.

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