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'Work From Home' Even After Lockdowns?

'Work From Home' Even After Lockdowns?

It is known that the ‘Work From Home’ concept has become a Hobson's choice owing to the ongoing Covid menace.

Though it has been happening out of compulsion now, many companies are thinking to continue it forever considering the cost cutting aspect.

Apparently, some mid range and small companies are now seeing the advantages and benefits of this phenomenon.

The CEO of an IT company in Hyderabad says, "We have 200 employees. What I understand now is work is not getting disrupted even due to the lockdown. Everything is in place. We are spending almost INR 10 Lakh per month on premises and other facilities to accomodate our entire staff. But I think we can cut that cost to 60% if we shift to a smaller premises, by allowing considerable number of employees to work from home". 

An IT employee working from home says, "This is really good if it continues for ever. I deal with programming and my present project doesn't demand onsite functioning, as there is nothing much to deal with confidentiality matter. I save my energies as I need not suffer traffic jams, no fuel costs and it is perfectly task oriented". 

Another employee says, "Work from home concept is mutually beneficial for the employer and the employee in general. The employees can be hired at lesser pay scales. Employees would be interested to take it up for smaller pay scales because from their perspective, he/she can do two or three jobs at a time by working from home. That way, employee can earn more than what he can and the cost cutting factor works for the companies. On the external front, the traffic will reduce on the roads and certainly a lot of pollution can be avoided. This is good to the world as well". 

Going by the analysis, it is heard that some midrange and small companies are already thinking in this aspect and so "work from home" may be continued ever after.