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Weekly horoscope: Astrology predictions for this week

Weekly horoscope: Astrology predictions for this week

Weekly Horoscope Mar 17 to Mar 23, 2019: Know weekly astrology predictions for all zodiac signs

Aries (21st Mar – 20th Apr): All the scheduled assignments will be completed on time. Increased financial status will enable you to move with great zeal in further tasks. Crucial agreements will be done at this phase. You will discuss some personal matters with your close friends and seek their advice. Unavoidable expenditure is indicating apparently. Employees who were suffering with instability at work will be able to manage the situations with the help of a colleague. Unexpected tours are indicating for the people in politics. 

Taurus (21st Apr – 21st May): Favorable time to implement your decisions into actions. Do not get panic if there is any financial shortage, as it will be a temporary phase, all your needs will be fulfilled without any hassles. Some of you are likely to say goodbye to old systems and opt new systems in business, especially independent entrepreneurs. Uneasiness due to physical ailments is likely. Employees are likely to face some tricky situations at work. Those working in creative fields may be disappointed with the professional issues. Unnecessary involvement in friend’s issue may belittle your image. 

Gemini (22nd May – 22nd Jun): Financial burden may increase. However, you will be able to mange them through other sources. Issues in the family may cause you mental worries. Important documents and other expensive things should be taken care. You will take the opportunity to discuss all the matters with your relatives that were there in your mind from long period, but be careful as these discussions may turn into heated arguments. Frequent journeys are also possible at this phase. some of you are likely to visit holy places. 

Cancer (23rd Jun - 22nd Jul): Your efforts to increase income sources will be successful. Your social circle will increase tremendously. Auspicious places will be visited. Constructions and other related works will run smoothly. Invitations from distant relatives will be received. Employees hard work will be recognized and will be given new assignments for their efficiency. Some disturbances in property matters is indicating. Good opportunities are apparently indicating for the people in creative fields. Speculative deeds will not be fruitful. Expenditure may increase now, as a result tensions may also increase. 

Leo (23rd Jul – 22nd Aug): Some issues may need lot of hard work and attention to complete. Contacts with influential people will fill you with joy. Students will attain good results as they desired. You will participate in auspicious ceremonies. Some important information will be received from distant places. New job opportunities are foreseen for the people who are planning for change of jobs. Those working in science and research fields will get good results in their current projects. Misunderstandings with relatives is likely. 

Virgo (23rd Aug – 22nd Sep): Family members will support you in all the situations. New contacts will be developed. Nagging issues will be resolved. An opportunity to participate in communal activities will give you joy and pleasure. Health related issues may cause you worry. Some of you are likely to change the decisions in personal matters. New agreements will be made in business ventures. A news received at work will give soothe to employees and make their atmosphere comfortable. Creative field people will receive opportunities without putting any efforts. 

Libra (23rd Sep – 22nd Oct): Good news from childhood friends will fill your world with joy. Long pending issues will be cleared off. Your helping nature and self-discipline will win many appreciations from the people around you. spiritual activities will give you immense pleasure. Business people will earn good returns in their projects. Good time to invest on properties. Those who made you guilty in the past will now regret for their deeds and may come to you to seek absolve, it is up to you whether to forgive or not. Unnecessary outflow of money is indicating. 

Scorpio (23rd Oct – 22nd Nov): Family circumstances will be pleasant and supporting. You will fulfill all your responsibilities with good care. You will be able to make the best use of opportunities that come your way, it could be either personal or professional matter. You will spend good time with your friends. You will win good contacts with your kind heart and good nature. However, there could be minor disagreements with your relatives, it may upset you mentally. Employees will receive good news. Unexpected abroad trip is likely for the politicians. 

Sagittarius (23rd Nov – 22nd Dec): You will be able to overcome all the hurdles in the current tasks with your smartness. Influential contacts may develop and benefit you in long run. Minor health ailments may trouble you, but you will recover immediately in a short while. Some of you may seek relatives help to complete few works. Students efforts to get good result will be fulfilled. Inflow of finance will increase. Your assumptions will come true in some situations. Though work pressure increase, positive changes will enable you to overcome them effortlessly. 

Capricorn (23rd Dec – 22nd Jan): Favorable time to start new assignments at this while. Your efforts to resolve misunderstandings with friends will be succeeded. You will win many well-wishers around you with your good deeds. Unemployed will get good opportunities and join new company with in no time. It will become difficult to control expenditure at this juncture. You will be inspired with inspirational speeches of great personalities and it will boost your self confidence and enthusiasm. Those who are seeking changes at work will receive positive response from their superiors. 

Aquarius (23rd Jan - 22nd Feb): Some issues will be very nagging at this phase. You can expect financial stability at this juncture. Those who are planning to buy things to their house may do so. Get together with relatives and dear ones is indicating. Your spontaneous decisions will attract people around you. Students will get good chances to join new courses. Some of you will spend time on spiritual activities. Health issues may distress you. New contacts will develop. Employees will get good recognition and can expect promotions also. 

Pisces (23rd Feb – 20th Mar): Your list of people who loves you and cares you most will increase. You will be able to complete the given tasks as scheduled. New job opportunities are foreseen. Family members will support and follow your decisions. Business people will work hard to earn good profits. Employees will move forward with determination and self confidence in their assignments though they have less resources. Be prepared to face heavy expenditure at this while. Visit to holy places is likely. Be caution while carrying or dealing with expensive things. 

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