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USA: Telugu People Arrested in Human Trafficking

USA: Telugu People Arrested in Human Trafficking

Four Telugu individuals named Gunda Dwaraka, Santosh Atkoori, Chandan Dasireddy, and Anil Male were arrested by the Princeton Police in Texas in connection with human trafficking.

According to the reports, these four individuals held around 15 women captive in a location and forced them to work for illegal shell companies.

When the neighbors complained to the police, suspecting some nefarious activity, the police came and investigated.

In their preliminary investigation, they found that these women were working for fake companies using hundreds of computers.

The women were sleeping around computers and working for small salaries, with the racket being run by the four mentioned individuals.

Further investigation is underway to understand the gravity of the crime committed by these four. Hundreds of women in other places were also caught in this connection as per the police, but more than half of them are victims. 

This incident serves as a lesson for Telugu students and their parents back in India to understand the changed ecosystem in the USA, unlike in earlier decades.

There are many illegal activities that may attract students in the name of part-time jobs, but once they are caught, it can be very costly to escape the shackles of American law. Ignorance cannot be an excuse to avoid punishment.

Therefore, one has to be very careful in choosing people and work. Lack of worldly knowledge and a mere desire to work in the USA is always dangerous.

This is a small example as it was caught. No one knows how many are living in this kind of condition in the USA.

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