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T.A.T.A Meet & Greet with Naina Jaiswal

Telangana American Telugu Association (T.A.T.A.), New Jersey region, organized a Meet & Greet event with National Table Tennis Player and "wonder kid" Naina Jaiswal & "Google Boy" Aghatsya Jaiswal on Sunday June 11th 2017.

The event was made possible by President-Elect Mahender Musuku  who Invited the Jaiswal family for the event.

The event started off with some melodious songs by the local DJ followed by the introduction of Mohan Patlolla, Mahender Musuku, Ramesh Chandra, Santosh Pathuri and Ram Reddy by NJ RVP Dhanraj Seri and Srinivas Pathuri.

Bindu Madiraju NJ women's co-coordinator then invited Naina Jaiswal onto the stage and asked her to speak about her experiences with the table tennis sport and her extraordinary feat in academics.

Naina Jaiswal, spoke to the crowd largely attended by kids and parents, about how she approached the sport and academics in particular.

She gave a very inspirational speech to the kids that any kid can achieve the feat she has achieved with proper teaching and learning techniques.

She thanked the T.A.T.A organizers for inviting her to the event and felt very happy to share her experiences with young kids.

She also encouraged the organization to conduct more such events which will help the young kids.

Speaking on the occasion Mahender Musuku along with Advisory Council Member Mohan Patlolla requested Naina to be a Youth Brand Ambassador for T.A.T.A, which Naina accepted with grace.

The event was then followed by very inspiration speech by Ashwini Jaiswal who stressed to the parents that any kid can be a wonder kid only if they spend a little time and embed an emotional bonding between parents and kids. 

T.A.T.A team then presented Naina with a Memento for her extraordinary achievements.

Event was then followed by Q & A session from the crows and more songs by DJ Ravi followed by dinner.

Regional Vice President Dhanraj Seri and Srinivas Pathuri thanked the New Jersey T.A.T.A. Regional coordinators, Ad hoc committee and women's core team for their hard work and dedication in making the event successful in less than 3 days time. 

He thanked the Advisory Board Chairman, Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy garu for being the guiding spirit and inspiration to the Association.

He also thanked President Mrs. Jhansi Reddy garu, Mr. Mohan Patalolla (Advisory Council Member), Mr. Mahender Musuku (President Elect), Mr. Santosh Pathuri, Mr. Ramesh Chandra and Mr. Rama Malladi, Standing Committee chairs: Ravi Peddi, Venkat Mukkamala, Sudheer Miryala, Prudhvi Reddy, Prashanth Vemuganti, Satya Yalala, Baswaraj Tammaly and Sindhu Yalala, Regional Co-Ordinators: Gangadhar Vuppala, Srinivas Dhulipala, Shyam Bhonagiri, Prashanth Chintawar, Vijay Vaidyula, Satish Mekala, Ravi Chennam and Srinivas Palghat.

He also thanked the women's team Mrs. Bindu Madiraju, Raja Lakshmi Pathuri, Devi Bandala , Saritha Komatireddy, Jyothi Malladi, Neelima Bhonagiri, Saritha Uppala, Keerthi Siddireddy, Suneetha Kambhaladinne, Pallavi Reddy, Vara Lakshmi and Saritha Chintawar.

T.A.T.A team then thanked the people who showed up in big numbers with their kids and staying up late Sunday night.

T.A.T.A also thanked other local community leaders, Guru (TFAS), Sharath & Srikanth (ATA) for coming and supporting the event and making it successful.

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