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TANA Organises Business Seminar

TANA Organises Business Seminar

Telugu Association of North America (TANA) is very much delighted to inform the people, in general and the well-wishers that it is conducting its 22th Conference in Washington DC for three days from July 4th.

The renowned association in the U.S. would also like to bring to your kind information that a large number of celebrities and reputed personalities from India and abroad are participating in the conference, as scheduled with bubbling enthusiasm.

Taking this wonderful opportunity, TANA President Satish Vemana is immensely pleased to inform that some prominent political leaders, popular artists from tinsel world, stage performers, famous dancers and versatile singers, apart from literary and entrepreneurs of repute from both the Telugu States, are not denying themselves the pleasure of participating and gracing the joyful occasion for three memorable days from July 4 to July 6 with their meaningful and relevant contributions.

Keeping the imperative of the need to focus on business seminars and its significance in mind, especially for the people belonging to the Telugu community in the U.S, TANA has embarked on brainstorming sessions and countless discussions to provide a special treatment, if not red-carpet welcome, or royal treatment, to the beloved people in the business and industrial circle with utmost reverence.

The organizers have urged the speakers in the seminar to explain the audience about the norms and regulations to be followed, apart from emphasizing on finer points and concrete strategies to be adopted, and, more so, the  pros-and-cons of the situation, before launching any worthwhile business.

The speakers were also requested to advise restraint, patience and composure for the debutants in the business. It is pertinent to point out here that in U.S. too, a section of people in the business community are eagerly awaiting to attend the seminar exclusively meant for them with renewed vigour.  

Mr Satish Vemana has gladdened the hearts of the people and the participants, when he announced that TANA has cordially invited prominent dignitaries like the former Indian cricket captain, Kapil Dev, former US Ambassador Vinay Thummalapalli, Rappaport Management Company CEO Gary Rappaport, Unisys Federal Systems President Venkatapati Puvvada, Richon Pharma CEO and Ingenious Pharma President Raj Devapalli, among other people, to participate in the seminar.

The association president also made it known in his own inimitable style that the flamboyant Kapil Dev is known for his scintillating contributions with the bat and ball in the yesteryear. Mr Satish Vemana also opined that Kapil, being a well-wisher of the people, is advising him to lead a happy and prosperous life, without constantly worrying much about adverse situations. As a matter of fact, the former swashbuckling cricketer is urging the people to iron out their shortcomings, if any, as according to him, there is always a room for improvement.

Vinay Tummelapalli is an all-rounder to the core, as he has carved out a niche for himself in various fields. A few others are explaining the harsh realities in life and how an individual should create and make use of the opportunities to emerge with flying colours in any chosen business or trade, instead of expecting chances to enrich them in their day-to-day life. For instance, there is a splendid opportunity for the people, who would like to make an inroad in the Real Estate sector, as it generates employment and profit for people to a larger extent.

A decision has already been made to accord priority to this essential sector in the business seminar. The importance of Federal IT business establishments, nuances of its technical and its contractual obligations would also be discussed in-depth in the Seminar. Interestingly enough, of late, there is an increase in the number of people entering in the pharmaceutical sector and the speakers in the Seminars will also take this into account.

There are plenty of opportunities in the corporate sector. “Sky is the limit” says an industrialist associated with a small-scale company. As mentioned earlier, it is for the people to devise a concrete strategy for making use of the opportunities provided for valid investments offered by EB5.

“When we get lemon, why shouldn't we make lemonade out of it”, reasoned some people, who make investments in a judicious manner.

As mentioned above, a plethora of participants and eminent personalities are going to discuss in length at seminar about the future prospects of business for all-round growth of the economy that fulfills the essential requirements of people from all walks of life, apart from the development and prosperity of the people all over the world.

Needless to say, TANA would project and provide a special fillip to the community development in both the Telugu States, as well as in the U.S.

All said and done, keeping the magnificent occasion in mind, Mr Satish Vemana would earnestly request the people, especially the faculties in the business community, to attend and participate in large numbers and ensure that that the grand-gala function concludes in a fruitful and enthralling manner.

Accordingly, they would urge the people to go through their website for further information, www.TANA2019.org.

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