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Startup galore at TANA MEDHA 2017

St Louis, May 04, 2017: There is a rush of applications from aspiring entrepreneurs at the TANA Medha event. Medha event raised lot of interest within a short span of time in the business circles.

MEDHA is a platform being created by TANA Business Forum for entrepreneurs and startups to propose a business idea and seek finding from the VC’s. TANA also provides a $5,000 prize money.

The organizers are saying that they are receiving applications from a wide variety of domains. They are happy to have evoked interest among many people. They are hopeful that all the applicants succeed in the future with their ideas. The popular social networking app for telugu people, Manam app was one of the participants in the last edition of this program. We need to wait and see how many such businesses succeed with this platform.

Entrepreneurs can submit their idea on the application form which is at All submitted applications are reviewed by the business forum committee. Last date to send in the applications is May 10th, 2017.

TANA contacts the teams behind the selected ideas, verifies few details and extends invitations to the finalists to present their idea before the panel and VC’s at the TANA Annual convention. The event will happen in St. Louis, USA.

Many startups in Indian community feel that this is great way of supporting and mentoring the aspiring entrepreneurs. They see it as an opportunity to get together with like-minded people, exchange thoughts, discuss problems they face and possible solutions. They are hopeful that TANA continues to support the Indian business community in USA with more such programs.

Apart from participating entrepreneurs, TANA is also inviting Sponsors and Venture Capitalists (VC’s) who wish to partner. It is a great stage to meet and appeal to specific target audience. For any questions, suggestions, TANA Business Forum committee can be reached on or by visiting the page

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