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Shivaratri: Listen To Sada Shiva Panchachamaram

Shivaratri: Listen To Sada Shiva Panchachamaram

Maha Shivaratri has been the auspicious day for millions of Hindus across the globe. The day is observed with ardent devotion towards Lord Shiva with abstinence from food and sleep.

Devotees also love to recite traditional Shiva poetry and listen to the popular devotional numbers. 

On this auspicious day today, a new Sanskrit devotional has come on Madhura Audio with the title "Sada Shiva Panchachamara Panchakam". This is written by Sira Sri and composed by Srinivas Sharma. 

The five verses are written in the metrical form called 'Panchachamaram' and composed in five different ragas. So it is titled as "Sada Shiva Panchachaamara Panchakam". 

Listen to this and get into the devotional mood.



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