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RUDEVI Farms for Best Sandalwood Investment

RUDEVI Farms for Best Sandalwood Investment


Sandalwood otherwise known as Sri Gandham…apart from being a part of Indian heritage since thousands of years, it is also the most expensive tree in the world with a market value appreciation of 20 to 25 percent each year. And Rudevi Farms is taking long strides to give maximum benefit of Sandalwood to the society.

Sandalwood has a huge demand in international market, especially Mysore sandalwood, particularly grown in Karnataka.

Rupa Kuruvalli (Founder) says “Rudevi’s foundation is on the principles of future planning and securing agricultural investment and we have come up with managed farming engaging agricultural lands for various farming such as sandalwood. What makes it a viable proposition is the team of Agrobusiness experts whose forte lies in understanding of sandalwood plantation and most importantly its trade in the state of Karnataka..”

Rudevi’s latest project is located in the surroundings of Hassan, Karnataka amidst picturesque natural surroundings. Ramesh Manjegowda (Founder) says “From an investor perspective, we have the best features such as, the ownership of the farm is given instantly to the buyer as soon as the land is registered. A lease period exists for 15 years after which either they can sell the yield or extend the lease. The project is on a 50:50 profit sharing basis. During the lease, the entire maintenance is done by the management and zero expenditure for the investor.”

Below are few highlights of the project:

  • Every acre is planned for villa or resort building purpose with road access to each plot
  • Security building with 24x7 camera surveillance throughout the 90-acre venture
  • Microchips installed in every tree and whenever there is a change in the latitude or longitude of the tree, an alert goes to the security and local police department
  • Highest rate of returns to investors

The USP for Rudevi is they source highest quality seeds and sampling for in-house nurseries and promote new sources of revenue through inter-cropping cash crops. Some of their other highlights include cost and consistency knowledge, optimum utilization of resources, sales and marketing of the products to get maximum price and reliable logistics for on-time delivery.

Venkat Gollapudi (Promoter) adds “Mother Nature is like God. Hence, we take pride in what we do and strongly believe it is the basic responsibility of every citizen to invest in Nature and take care of it.”

For More Details:
Rupa +91 80501 20821
Venkat +1 (937) 546-9985

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