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New NRIs! Beware While On Roads

New NRIs! Beware While On Roads

Thousands of Indian students are arriving in the USA with a multitude of dreams, but they need to be particularly cautious upon their arrival. The realization of their dreams depends on successfully navigating life here with utmost care.

Unfortunately, some young individuals, due to a lack of exposure, believe that the USA is a land of free-spiritedness with regard to carnal pleasures and an easygoing lifestyle. Falling into such misconceptions, some individuals find themselves ensnared and end up facing legal troubles, even imprisonment.

Others, simply neglecting precautions, walk on roads without due care and become victims of hit-and-run accidents. Regrettably, there has been a noticeable increase in such accidents recently, with at least 5-6 Indians losing their lives in road accidents in the last six months alone.

It is alarming to note that not only does such a situation bring profound grief to the parents and family members, but it also poses a Herculean task to send the bodies to India. Numerous legalities and costs are involved, often beyond the means of individuals and necessitating reliance on crowdfunding.

To avert such unfortunate situations, new NRIs, visiting parents, and students in the USA should exercise extra caution. Being mindful of their senses and surroundings and adopting safety measures can significantly contribute to their well-being and prevent tragic incidents.


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