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Manchu Lakshmi Trolls Pawan Kalyan

Manchu Lakshmi Trolls Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan has been a target for trolls for many netizens and YSRCP leaders. Generally the film folks hardly troll him openly. They limit their trolls if any to the private 'sittings' and personal phone calls.

But Lakshmi Manchu has openly trolled him on twitter by quote-tweeting the post of a user named Journalist Sanju Reddy whose id reads as ysrcp_ysj.

The post actually says that Pawan Kalyan has stooped to copy the pose of Lakshmi Manchu. It also carried the pictures of Pawan Kalyan and Lakshmi Manchu in almost the same knee bending pose.

Lakshmi Manchu quote tweeted the same mentioning- "Good or bad I'm thrilled my pic is next to @Pawankalyan garu".

Reading between the lines, this proves to be a troll than being thrilled. Yes, the tweet that she has shown to the public belongs to a YSRCP sympathizer.


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