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JP! Take Coaching From Kajriwal

I am pleasantly surprised at the way AAP (Aam Admi Party) swept in Delhi elections. How could Kejriwal make it? It’s just belief and ability. Yes, belief in cadre and ability to build it.  Kejriwal is the one with ample knowledge like our Lok Satta Chief Jaya Prakash Narayan.  

Both have the ability to articulate a point with reasoning and rationality. People connected to both of them without any second thought. But JP has a difference. He believed in himself but not in people around him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t sit quiet without building cadre to his party. Even now no other name is known prominently from Lok Satta Party. Either JP must be suffering from insecurity to build cadre or he must be lacking in abilities.

JP lost his charm. He never pointed finger on people who he likes. But he raises voice against those who he considers as opponents to him or opponents to his friends. He gives wonderful speeches and surely wins the cup if an elocution competition is held among 100+ Billion Indians. People understood that his ability is not useful beyond that.

I only feel JP should go and attend tuitions at Kajriwal. I am not concluding here that Kejriwal will change the face of India. Hard to predict if he ends up as a deer in political jungle or becomes a lion down the line. Only time has to witness it. But as of now, he proved as an able leader in Delhi. JP might have attended many coaching classes before cracking Civil Services.

Now I feel it is time for him to undergo coaching at Kejriwal on the subject of how to build cadre and how to rebuild the confidence of people.

Naveen Kavalipati, Hyderabad 

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