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It's like a breakup: Sacked Google India worker

It's like a breakup: Sacked Google India worker

A Google India worker who was among more than 400 terminated employees which got laid off last month, took to LinkedIn to share his plight, in which he described the feeling of losing the job same as a "breakup".

Priyang Davey, a Creative Lead for APAC GTM Creative Works at Google in Mumbai, who worked for nine months, wrote on LinkedIn: "My last couple of weeks have been pretty eventful. I got a new Bluetooth speaker, watched the night manager which was not that bad, and oh also! I got laid off from Google."

"It's like a breakup. Sure, it kinda sucks, but you'll choose your next partner who's wise enough to not break up with you over a text (or an email)," he added.

He graduated from Nirma Institute of Management with a degree in Business Administration and Management.

Moreover, recalling his time at Google, Davey mentioned that before leaving Google, he stole something valuable that he can't be sued for - "learnings".

"I got to learn digital advertising from the internet's source code, ad products that very few use correctly in APAC, work with the best agencies and brands across the region, explore the depths of AI/ML, and form relationships with pretty cool people."

In conclusion, he said: "I am #OpenToWork - ing anywhere across the world, from my home, your home, or that weird alley where kids skate at night."


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