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Impolite Behavior of the Desi Crowd in America

Impolite Behavior of the Desi Crowd in America

As an adage: When you’re in Rome be like a Roman! A few native locals have been expressing their inconvenience and discomfort with some of the Desi people’s behaviors in public places. It’s sad to see highly educated and professional behavior in the public is so awful. All the education is wasted in the drainage. It’s easier to follow simple rules than to violate them and be in an inconvenient situation. I received several messages and requests to write this article and bring awareness to the community. Our Kids learn what they observe around them. Following rules and being courteous is not a shameful act moreover it reflects well on an individual and also on the entire community. 

Indolent grocery shoppers park their cars right in front of the shopping entrance causing great inconvenience to fellow shoppers, Though there’s an assigned parking for the business. Another observation is that most of the shoppers are too lazy to park the shopping carts in the assigned cart spot, these carts go and hit the parked cars causing damage and danger while someone is trying to park. In recent times desi student visitors have violated parking lot rules by consuming alcohol and leaving empty bottles in the parking lot.

In the grocery store don’t be pushy at the checkout counters. Maintain at least a 3 ft distance and be patient when someone is in the process of checking out or waiting in the line at food ordering/picking. People are pegging into each other; at times some shoppers say it’s even hard to pull a wallet out of pocket.

The other uncivilized behavior is observed: Parking the car in front of the doors at events, and kids’ activities while picking up (Language schools, dance schools, tuition classes). They just don’t care even though they know they’re causing great inconvenience to the ongoing traffic. Not only do they block the traffic behind on top of it, they pretend as if it’s their right to do so. Is this the kind of behavior you teach your kids? Seriously think about it.

One of the most heinous behaviors and a federal law violation: Some viewers record the movie on their phones, it’s a crime and it’s a felony. Remember every viewer pays to watch a movie not to watch your phone. It’s gross behavior to use the phone while a movie is playing. The other important behavior that can be changed is to stop celebrating with paper pieces, it falls on other audiences which you have no permission to do so.

During desi events, most people start socializing in the middle of the floor blocking the audience who are seated and trying to watch the show or performance. When the food is being served, please be courteous and patient, everyone will be served and make it a pleasant event for everyone. In the Costco warehouse, socialize with your friends by blocking the way with your carts and making it an unpleasant experience for other shoppers.

The purpose of sharing these views is to bring awareness and encourage everyone that We can do better than this!

Dinesh, Dallas


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