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Desi Basket: One-stop Online store for Desi needs

Desi Basket: One-stop Online store for Desi needs

Pep up the Desi in you with Desi Basket: Globalization has been often cursed for its cultural homogenization. People often overlook the advantages in the long run. People settled abroad miss out on the customs, ideas, ethnicity and values of their native countries. Indians find it much harder as India is land of rich diversity & culture.

The Internet has by far, had opened all the gateways to stay connected. You can obtain ideas, learn your values and follow your customs & rituals. But ethnicity is hard to achieve.

Desi flavors outlive all: Indian flavors not only satiate your hunger, but it is an institution in itself. Indian food is known for its unique blends of diversity, complexity, spices and inconsistency. Indian food has seen quite popularity among Americans. Americans love to tickle their taste buds with unique interpretations of ethnic flavors.

The charms of Indian food are hard to resist. Therefore, to serve you finger-licking delicious Indian food, Desi Basket is at your service.

Below mentioned is the list of some of the unique Indian delicacies offered by Desi Basket.

Snacks & Namkeen category: Tea time is incomplete without a spicy & tangy snack. From the meals & namkeen category, you can avail Bhujia, chikki, chakkalu and multiple namkeen mixtures. There are unique homemade sweets. 

Non-Vegetarian food category: Non-veg food comprises of the highest proteins. Indian meals are often rich in carbohydrates so to balance it out a nice fish cutlet won’t do any harm. From the non-vegetarian food category, you can avail chicken, mutton, prawn and fish.

Clothing: Pep up your desi look
Once you have fallen in love with Indian food, you would love to be a part of Indian culture. You can dress up like your fellow Indians. You can choose an Indian traditional ethnic outfit of your choice. Grab your favorite piece from the Apparel section online.

Home Appliances: If you have a special liking for purchasing different types of home appliances, Desi Basket can fulfill every of your needs in relation to your individual requirements. Especially, when it comes to utilitarian home appliances, we are considered as the one stop shop.

If you are also looking for good-quality home appliances pertaining to India, then we are there to help you. Check out the wide range of Indian home appliances like Mixies, Idli cookers, hot boxes etc using below link.

Health & Beauty: Ayurveda is an ancient remedy
Ayurveda is an old age sign. Ayurvedic products are paraben-free and not harsh your skin. Most products have dual and long term benefits. You can avail ayurvedic products from the health & beauty section online.

Masala and spices category: Masalas are the soul of Indian food. The strong smell of masalas brings the food alive. From the Masala and spices category, you can avail Garam Masala, Rasam, and Sambhar powders.

Frozen Item category: A common man’s desi meal is incomplete without parathas, vegetables and curry. If not paratha, you can tweak it with roti. The ghee-loaded chapattis are in no comparison to tortillas. Chutney is an integral part of the cuisines of the Indian meal.

It is believed ‘If the plate is empty, mean food is tasty. If the plate is spotlessly clean, it means the chutney is delicious.’ From the frozen item category, you can avail frozen parathas, rotis, chutneys, curries, and fresh vegetables.

Desi Basket: One-stop Indian grocery store
Desi Basket is a leading online grocery store loaded with Indian goodies available in the U.S.A. Due to the COVID19 outbreak; the company could not serve its clients like- engulfed America for a long time. At present, Desi Basket is serviceable to multiple locations, including- Puerto Rico, Alaska, the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, and Guam. Desi Basket is loaded with more than 2000 products from 150+ renowned Indian brands. Most food items are directly sourced from India. So you don’t miss out on the unique texture and flavour. Desi Basket promises the most excellent quality products and top-notch services.

To place your order, you can visit our website: desibasket.com

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